The Anean Pantheon

The Anean Church


The Grand Patriarch/Matriarch

The Grand Patriarch is the head of the religion. This also puts him as one of the Emperor's top advisors.

Important Gods and Godesses

God of Creation

Name: Hauja the Unknowable

Description: This is the only god that is considered so sacred that he cannot be put into painting. However, according to Anean mythology there is a massive golden tower where gods are born and live. At the top there is a throne of immense light, fire, and darkness, and power. He can only ever communicate through order or chaos, but when it does, they listen and repeat everything.

Animal: Phoenix

God of War

Name: Tnexuux
Other Names: The Harbinger

Description: Tall, about eight feet in height, and clad in black, twisted armor. The helmet conceals the face and the eyes and mouth only have a haunting red glow. Carries a large sword made of diamond and is supposedly enchanted and demonic.

Rituals: None

Symbols: A warhammer, usually with an armored fist holding it

Animal: Gold Dragon

God of Chaos and Destruction

Name: Syra'kujarl
Other Names: Sifus (Aatuylvan), The Man in Black

Description: Not much is really known about the appearance of this god, but contemporary pictures of him are of a pale humanoid with dripping fangs, eyeless sockets, and a dark bloody trenchcoat complete with a wide-brimmed hat. His 'fingers' a bony and long, with needle points on the edge. Has no feet and doesn't walk across the ground, just kinda, glides. His hair is almost like a black mane. An old belief is when you feel a shiver for no reason, and you get goosebumps, it is said it is because The Man in Black was caressing you.

Symbols: A bony, outstretched palm with an eye in the center, an eye of an awful reddish purple color

Animal: An Ogre

Goddess of Order

Name: Ch'sylar

Description: Commonly pictured in a seamless white suit of armor. Carries no weapons because her "aura" has enough power to make things fall into their proper places. Has no mouth because you "know" what she wants you to do when she chooses to appear. Hair is platinum with an aura of white. Eyes are all white and have a blazing glow.

Animal: Spider

God of Justice

Name: Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun I

Description: An assistant to Ch'sylar, ensures that any crime is punished properly and in the harshest, though most appropriate, punishments. Stands 6'3" and looks about 80, his clothing is similar to that of a judge's, though more ornate and intimidating. Carries a longsword and, at times, can be portrayed in an armor similar to that of Ch'sylar's.

Symbols: Balance scale

Known For: Bringing the Anean Star Empire into a second golden age after taking over from Welhan.


Goddess of Life

Name: Eaphous

Description: According to the few paintings that exist, this goddess has a dryad appearance. Has a crown of both flowers and thorns. Her face is smooth and flawless, but her arms are gnarled and wicked. Her feet do not touch the ground. Her cloak is made of wasps.

Animal: Grey Wolf

God of Corruption

Name: Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan
Other Names: Father of the Empire, The Bringer of War

Description: A human that tends to take on a tall appearance. Almost always in gold armor. Usually makes himself look like he is 30-40 years old. Has long black hair whenever he chooses not to cut it. If looked at in darkness, he puts off a faint aura.

Symbols: Inverted pentagram

Known For: Killing 6 billion people in his purge of Haroma III with a devastating disease, uniting the nations of Haroma, entering space, causing a plague that ravaged the Federation just before the Great Galactic War (killing 3.3 trilllion, 1/3 of the Federation at the time)

Animal: The Welhan Eagle (larger than the now extinct Haast's Eagle)

Goddess of Fertility

Name: Pheri

Description: Commonly painted in a dancing gown of autumn red. Her hair a golden brown. Flowers bloom with every step. Never seen without a baby of some type, regardless of species, nursing at her busom. She carries a basket filled with grains and fruit in her free hand, passing it to all around.

Symbols: Table laden with food, farming scythe, flowers

God of Virility

Name: Gefhus

Description: A young and foolish man(that's what he wants you to think), with a beard and a long gold coat, dark hair, dark, fiery eyes, with a keg/canton/jug/barrel of alcohol under one arm and a freshly killed steer (or some other meat animal) in the other.

Animal: White Tiger

Minor Gods and Godesses

  • God of Peace (Azurin)
  • God of the Hunt (Liuro)
  • God of Insanity (Othearus)
  • Goddess of Pestilence (Ji'uln'tcha)
  • God of Blood


  • Emperor Welhan used to be God of Pestilence, but was replaced after he killed 1/3 of the Federation
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