The Anean Star Empire
The Anean Star Empire
Motto: "A Beacon of Light in Dark Times"
Region The Andromeda Galaxy
Capitol Gracaria, Haroma III
Largest City Sphereworld A
Official Language(s) New Haromian
Religion The Anean Pantheon
Demonym Anean, Imperial
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Empress Klara Rio
Emperor Tycho Nadara
Crown Prince Adalwulf Rio
Prime Minister N/A
Warmaster Vincenzo Soldavini
Nation Type
Sovereignty Type Independent Nation
Previous Sovereignty Type Independent Nation
Current Constitution Imperial Constitution, 2115 Revision
41 Trillion+
The Anean Dollar (ASE$)
Time Zone
Haroma Standard Time

Est. Tech Level: 21-25

Imperial Cabinet:

  • Minister of Defense: Tamarynn Rio (White Wolf)
  • Minister of State:
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Selena Welhan (White Tiger)
  • Minister of Domestic Affairs: Annaliese Xaimoungkhoun (Human - Terran)
  • Minister of Agriculture: Reen Fastpaw (Grey Fox Taur)
  • Minister of Commerce:
  • Minister of Health and Welfare: Tisra Vlodovic (Cross Fox)
  • Minister of the Treasury: Nathaniel Cains (Black Wolf - Pudrian)
  • Minister of Justice: Kotone Matsuoka (Black Panther)
  • Chief Justice of the SC:
  • Imperial Grand Inquisitor:
  • Grand Patriarch: Darius Rio (Grey Wolf)

Fleet Admiral of the ASF: Klara Rio (White Wolf/Fennec/Cross Fox)
Field Marshal of the AGF: Snowfire Xaimoungkhoun (Cross Fox/Human Taur)

Capital City: Gracaria, Haroma III


Early Space Age

The early space age of the Anean Empire was marked with long expeditions with intent to explore. The Anean Space Program led the way and was the pride of the Empire. The ASP Harbinger, the largest ship in the fleet at almost 2500 feet in length, was equipped with the most powerful weapons and engines available at the time.

The most notable time, however, was the First Federation War that lasted from 7150 HY to 7205 HY. For the first fifty years, the Empire was under siege and holed up on a single planet. Late in the war, the Remnoran Republic came to the aid of the Empire and together they pushed back the Federation and restored the Empire.

Post War Space Age

In response to the devastation of the war, Emperor Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan wrote a bill designed to reform the entire Anean military. The bill, uncreatively dubbed the Anean Military Reformation, passed through the Senate 5000-0. The Army and Marine Corps united into the Anean Ground Force. The Navy, Air Force, and ASP unified into the Anean Space Force.

In thanks for the assistance, trade and alliances were formed between the Empire and Remnoran Republic. Within 10 years of the alliances, work began on the massive ASF Harbinger II. This ship, as intended by Queen K'an Coutant and Emperor Nakhi Welhan, would prove that the Anea-Remnora alliance is the new force in the galaxy.

Shortly after the completion of the Command Dreadnought in 7260 HY, the Queen and Emperor married. Both nations supported the marriage. The Royal Remnoran Army and the Anean Armed Forces together launched an offensive into the unprepared Galactic Federation in 7262 HY. Within only a few weeks of war, the Federation surrendered.

After the war, and a few protests, the Republic and the Empire united and formed the Anean Star Empire and the Galactic News Network dubbed it as "the new galactic superpower".

The Late Space Age

The galaxy faced a new, much more dangerous threat in 7700 HY. The Pudrian Collective, a race of beings with cybernetic implants and a collective mind appeared from nowhere and struck deep into both the Federation and the Anean Star Empire. For the first time in history, the ASE and Federation joined forces to fight the Pudrians.

The Pudrians however destroyed the Federation and then turned toward the ASE. After their failed attack on Haroma III, Emperor Welhan authorized the use of a planet destroying weapon and destroyed Pudr IX, ending the Great Galactic War.

Two and a half centuries of peace then followed the war.

In 7960 HY, Emperor Welhan formed the Emperor's Legion and recruited soldiers from all over, but none were Anean citizens. For ten years, the Legion went without a commander. In 7970 HY however, Emperor Welhan found someone. That person, who had no real name, became known as Colonel IX. For thirty years, the Legion defended the Empire.

Third Federation War Era

In the months before the Third Federation War, tensions dramatically increased. General IX was forced to watch from a galaxy away. However, in late 7999 Haroma Year, IX was elected President of the Anean Star Empire. For his inauguration, he brought delegations from various nations on the world that his colony was on.

Tensions spiked again when, at IX's Inauguration, a sniper attempting to hit the Emperor (who was swearing IX into office) missed and shot IX with a .90 caliber round. The sniper was Federation and that event almost started the war. However, IX, now the President, cooled the tensions some and prevented the war.

Two months after becoming President, IX was fed up with having to go through the Senate for everything. In an unexpected, but supported move, IX declared himself Imperator and rivaled even Emperor Welhan in terms of political and military power. Shortly after becoming Imperator, the Third Federation War broke out following Federation aggression.

IX, still a military leader, took the field with his army. He took part in the most important campaigns of the war while the rest of the military pushed along the entire front. In 10 months of war, the Anean Star Empire conquered the Galactic Federation, but the victory came at a high cost. The Empire lost 5 billion soldiers and another 620 million civilians. The Federation lost almost 1 trillion soldiers and civilians.

In the aftermath, the Senate reluctantly chose to make IX the Emperor.

A Second Golden Age

With the Empire as the dominant force in Andromeda, and stability returning, IX began a mission of reconstruction of the former Federation worlds while expanding Anean influence in the Milky Way. However, with the ASF and AGF weakened and spread thin it was difficult to do this. As a result, for the first time in Anean history, IX initiated conscription in order to get the military numbers back up to something more appropriate for a nation the size of the Empire.

The first ten years of reconstruction was the hardest time for the nation due to rebellion and mismanagement of the reconstruction projects. After Fleet Admiral Rio put down the worst of the rebellions, IX himself entered the Federation zone and directed the most important projects.

In just 50 years the Federation zone was almost completely rebuilt and the vital planets such as Talon were fully restored. Alongside the Reconstruction, IX implemented a jump gate system linking major planets of the Empire. As a result, traders were able to move more goods faster. The gates allowed for military speeds for civilian vessels. Slowly the system is expanding to all systems under Anean control.

With the increase in money flowing into the treasury, IX was able to successfully transition the Empire from a nation weakened, militarily, by war into a military hegemony. He expanded the AGF from 200,000,000 soldiers to over 80,000,000,000, but at the cost of losing the AGF fighting capability that made the soldiers among the best in the galaxy. The ASF also expanded greatly, though many were forced to become office workers as starships couldn't be produced fast enough to allow for the enlisted to take up combat deployments.

By 2090 the Empire had become the ultimate force in Andromeda, but during that time there was limited expansion in the Milky Way. During a recontact mission, IX personally commanded the task force that went to Sol to check on the nations of the system. Following the mission, the Empire began operations to expand Imperial influence in the galaxy.

Death of the Emperor

The Empire's golden age was brought to an immediate halt by the death of Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun I. His death was expected as the Emperor's health began to fail in the months prior to dying. Many of the ailments could have been cured, but IX refused to allow the treatment since his time was coming to an end and he accomplished all he could in his time.

With the death of the Emperor, a large void was left for the leadership of the Empire. Despite James being named heir in the Emperor's will, Luca Rio challenged the claim.

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