The Azizos System

"Don't even get me started on Azizos. I hate the place. A planet covered in a city is a good idea at first, but then you realize that it's a logistical hell. It pays taxes though, so that's nice. Just don't go any lower than the upper city."
- Emperor IX

"I was only elected to this office because I promised the lower city residents I would help them. Poor stupid fools."
- Governor of Azizos III

Star Type: Yellow, Main Sequence
Number of Planets: 10
Controlled by: The Anean Star Empire

Population: ~390,800,000,600
Azizos I: 100
Azizos II: ~5.7 billion
Azizos III: ~386 billion (first extrasolar colony of the Anean Star Empire)
Azizos IV: ~100 million
Azizos V: 500
Azizos VI-X: Uninhabited

Planet Information

Azizos was the first system colonized. It is almost as far from Haroma as Alpha Centauri is from Sol.

Azizos I

Just a small research station over the planet.

Azizos II

Azizos II is a small planet and within acceptable habitable conditions. The planet itself is law abiding, unlike the next planet. II was made to be a construction world, but the First Federation War made it become fairly independent and disrupted those plans.

Azizos III

The main planet of the system and the 5th most populated planet in the ASE. It's 3x larger than Earth and crime ridden. Of course, newcomers to the planet arrive on the upper levels of the city and that is for the elites. Farther down, there are more people and more crime. The lower city is dark and dangerous. However, the most dangerous part of the city is the surface of the planet. Deep below the main structure that makes up the city, there are places that weren't covered by the planet spanning city. Mutated creatures and the poorest citizens flourish down there in the almost total darkness.

Azizos IV

A rather unpopulated world, but it is one of the most environmentally stunning planets in the Empire. The citizens have one major city that has 99% of the population and the rest is forests, grasslands, jungles, etc.

Azizos V

Another small research station over a planet.

System Defenses

Azizos rivals Haroma with its system defense. While it doesn't have turrets around the system, it is the proving ground for all the experimental weapons. Like Haroma, it also has 15,000 ASF ships there at all times.

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