The Colonial Republic

Flag of the Colonial Republic
Only Faction to fly the Anean Star Empire's Flag

"Perhaps… perhaps this fledgling space republic can be the successor to the now lost Anean Star Empire. Maybe, in time, we will be the nation that rivals what the ASE once had. Maybe we can go back to Andromeda and unite the galaxy once more. There are many what ifs out there."
- Chancellor Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan

"Wow. This is both kinda nice but engkori. I mean, look! It's not a radioactive wasteland anymore…….it…it looks kinda like one of those 'landfill' things they have in Amerika."
- Anonymous Tourist from Aatuylva about New Nordavic

Basic Overview

The Colonial Republic was formed in the middle of the Anean Civil War. Originally it was only the New Gracaria colony, but, in time, the other 4 Anean colonies in the Milky Way joined. Since it was the first to join, it became the capital of the Republic. The Senate - a holdover from the ASE - was elected in only days after splitting and then the Senate elected the first Chancellor.

Est. Tech Level: 14

Population: ~24 million colonists, ~1.3 billion refugees
Gov't Type: Constitutional Confederate Monarchy

Head of State: Holy Emperor Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun (Human)
Head of Government: Chancellor Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan I (White Tiger)
Patriarch of the Republic: Darius Rio (Grey Wolf)

Commander of the Armed Forces: Vincenzo Soldavini (Human)
Secretary of Defense: Luca Rio (White Wolf)
Secretary of State: Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan II (White Tigerwolf)
Minister of Commerce: Maximo Dolsen (Human)
Minister of Religion: Grand Inquisitor Dante Mijangos (Human)
Chief Diplomat: Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun (Human)

Planets of the Republic


Earth, New Gracaria specifically, was chosen as the capital of the Republic early on and since it was the first Anean colony in the Milky Way. When the Civil War began, refugees from the Empire flocked to New Gracaria. By the end of the war, the mass exodus resulted in over 120 million arriving on the islands.

Population: ~120,625,000

Major Cities

The Citadel

Population: ~1,500,000

The Citadel is a only partially completed underground city/fortress. When finished, it will become the capital of the Republic. With Phase II completed and Phase III underway, it has a capacity of about fifty million people.

New Astrapolis

Population: ~45,000,000

New Astrapolis is the current, and temporary, capital of the Republic. Unlike the rest of the Anean cities, this one actually has a port. Due to the port, however, the city became flooded with the refugees. Most have moved up the coast and into government built housing.

New Gracaria

Population: ~4,125,000

Currently under reconstruction following the scrubbing of the Wasteland. It's expected to be rebuilt according to the blueprints IX drew up within days of arrival on the planet. Unlike the one before, New Gracaria will be built to withstand orbital bombardment and nuclear attack.

New Nordavic

Population: ~70,000,000

Due to the large influx of refugees, Chancellor Welhan set aside the plains on the west side of the island for any incoming people that had nowhere to live. The "city" is more a collection of prefab trailers, train cars, burnt out tanks, scrap tin houses, and carboard boxes that the citizens call home. To the people living there, it's known as "Welhanville" because the Chancellor failed to provide them with even the basic necessities for the longest time. There is now, however, running water.

It resembles a Brazilian favela except spreads over most of the western plains.


Most of New Gracaria's population is, now, wealthier citizens that could afford to escape the Empire (which now have nothing upon arrival), traders that had their own ships, and lower class citizens that came with the traders. Those that were there before the exodus are generally the most well off. They make up the upper class of the colony.



  • New Haromian (English)


  • Arabic
  • German
  • Spanish

Alpha Centauri III

Nihu II

Auwaoh III

Emimere IV


The Emperor

The Emperor acts more as a figurehead with little real power. The office was created upon IX's arrival to Earth so that he could still be head of state of something (also because he managed to take the old ASE crown from Haroma during the civil war and it would have been in storage rather than in use without the throne).

More or less, the Emperor is solely for diplomatic meetings.

The Chancellor

At the top of the Republic's government is the Chancellor. After elected, the Chancellor serves for 5 year terms and is elected by popular vote. The Chancellor, like all elected officials in the Republic, can run for the office as many times as they want.

The Chancellor is very powerful in both international and domestic affairs. Only with a 4/5 vote from the Senate can they overrule policies set by the Chancellor. However, he or she is primarily head of government.

The Senate

Comprised of 500 members - like the pre-space Anean one - the Senate is the people's voice in the government. They are elected every year by popular vote.

Current Political Parties

The Republican Party
Not to be confused with the US Republicans, these ones are primarily centrist and want only the best for the Colonial Republic. Their primary rival are the Socialists. Most of the population supports the Republicans.

Senate Seats: 310

Notable Members:

  • Chancellor Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan
  • Holy Emperor Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun

The Socialist Party
The second most powerful party in the Senate. Despite socialism being generally shunned by the population, the Socialist party managed to gain a major foothold from the people. It is believed that was caused by the majority of the population being poor and suffering.

Senate Seats: 180

The War Party
The people that want the Republic to forcefully gain control of Earth and the Milky Way. Generally unpopular among the lower and middle class citizens.

Senate Seats: 3

Imperial Restoration Party
The people that refuse to uphold the democratic ideals of the Republic and instead want to shift back toward the way the Anean Star Empire was before its fall. Usually unpopular among upper class citizens.

Senate Seats: 7


Being descended from the Anean Star Empire, the Republic remains very militaristic. However, they have chosen a more isolationist stance in international politics. Instead of rushing into everything, as the old ASE did, they watch from a distance and choose only to intervene when they are required to.

The people though, since all but a handful are from Andromeda, still carry on Anean traditions. Most are unwilling to let the Empire fade away already, but will accept the new government. That was part of the reason the Anean flag is the flag of the Republic.


Like the old ASE, the Republic is very religious. Unlike the ASE though, Welhan has been rejected as the main deity. While the Anean Pantheon remains, they instead worship the current God of War whom is also the Emperor. Especially during the refugee arrival, temples to the gods sprung up all over the island. After IX returned, a majority were converted to ones for the God of War.

In New Gracaria, plans are being laid down to construct a holy palace that would house the Patriarch - the head of Anean religion. The Patriarch is basically the Anean equivalent of the Catholic Pope.

Naturally, with being on a new world with other beliefs, some of the population have converted to other Earth religions.

Major Religions

Republic Wide

Anean Pantheon 97% 1,284,280,000
Islam 2% 26,480,000
Catholicism 1% 13,240,000

New Gracaria

Anean Pantheon 67% 80,280,000
Islam 22% 26,480,000
Catholicism 11% 13,240,000

Political Relations

(As of 2 New Gracaria Year)


  • Confederacy of Aatuylva


  • Union of Tinis
  • Miokalia
  • Kingdoms of Cal


  • The Pudrian Collective
  • The New Federation
  • Soviet Unitarian Republic of Aluez


  • United States of America
  • Russia


  • The Anean Socialist State
    • The post Civil War rebels
  • ADNI


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