The Emperor's Legion

TEL Emblem

"The Empire has fallen yet the Legion lives on. They still stand by their Emperor and won't waver. Why? Because I have earned the respect of everyone. We are an army of veterans and elites that have been through the worst the galaxy has ever thrown at us. Some have called us over-glorified mercenaries, but we don't work for money. We work and the only reward we want is the love of the people and a better life for allies and the people of the Empire."
- Emperor Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun

Basic Information

Current Headquarters: TEL Fortress, Haroma III

Commandant: Alaric Holmberg

Number of Officers: 7,500
Number of Soldiers: 67,500

Mission Statement: "To protect the people and allies of the Empire, to defend the unprotected and weak of foreign nations, and to stand against tyranny and injustice in all forms both domestic and abroad."

Purpose of Unit: Search and Destroy, Sabotage, Intelligence, Humanitarian Efforts


The Emperor's Legion was formed in the last couple decades of Welhan's reign. Originally it was to be Welhan's personal bodyguards, but it became more like a separate branch of the armed forces. The rumor is that IX used the unit to force Welhan out of power, but the rumors are unconfirmed by those outside the Legion and avoided by those within.

Just before the colonization of Earth, however, the Legion began to fall in in its importance. While its members were still recognized as heroes, their military operations ceased. However, two months after arriving on Earth, the Legion got at least a smaller combat role in the Acronos Campaign. Though it was a victory, it was merely a skirmish than any real combat. Most of the Legion at the time never fought in it anyway.

Before IX was elected President, the almost war between the colony and the Kingdoms of Cal put the TEL on standby for deployment. It never flared up, however, and instead the TEL stood down once again.

A couple months later, when the Third Federation War began, most of the 40 soldiers of the Legion were deployed in Andromeda. Only a handful stayed behind such as Ambassador Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan and Tamarynn Rio. During the fight, they were deployed on all the major battlefields of the war.

As with the AGF, the finest hour of the TEL was the Invasion of Talon. Afterward, some began to be brought back to Haroma or sent back to Earth. When the war ended, and after the Anean Civil War, all remaining TEL officers were brought back to Earth and open recruitment began for the Republic and for the Republic's allies.

With the return of the Empire, and Tod becoming Empress, IX resigned from position of Commandant and put Tod in that place.



The Emperor's Legion has the most rigorous training in the Republic. All recruits are put through 4 months of training. Unlike the NGDF training, the TEL training has an approximately 20% mortality rate. The former AGF only managed to get to ~5% mortality.

During the four months, recruits learn various techniques that have made the TEL among the most elite soldiers in the galaxy. In addition, there is weapons training with every weapon in the arsenal plus Earth made weapons.

There is a pilot training course (no long taught by IX due to loss of pilot's license) as well since at any moment during a battle a TEL soldier may be needed to go from an infantry role to an air role.


With the open recruitment of the Legion, IX has allowed the armed forces of other nations to train alongside the TEL. However, they are required to go through a week of the same physical training that those looking to become members endure. Unlike the actual soldiers, IX doesn't allow any of them to die. They are just put into the on base hospital and remain there until the end of their unit's training.

Upon arrival on the island, those that arrive are required to change into TEL fatigues and carry the 100 pound pack of standard equipment with them the 25 miles from the AFB to the training base. Then they get one hour of sleep before being forced awake along with the other TEL recruits.

Because it's IX's unit and his country, IX retains the right to discipline both his own and foreign soldiers once they sign up for it, but only when they deserve it. He can, however, smack them around whenever he wants.


  • 5,000 GK-I Main Battle Tanks
  • 5,000 Anean Infantry Fighting Vehicles
  • 30,000 GK Skirmishers
  • 10,000 GK Skirmishers - Ambulance Variant
  • 50,000 Class B Battle Rifles
  • 20,000 Class C Heavy Machine Guns
  • 7,500 Class D Sniper Rifles
  • 250 Class A Heavy Projectile Cannons
  • 1,250 Class A Mk 150 Anti-Material Rifles
  • 10,000 Ultra Light Armor Sets
  • 20,000 Light Armor Sets
  • 50,000 Medium Armor Sets
  • 30,000 Heavy Armor Sets
  • 10 Ultra Heavy Armor Sets
  • 25 Five Hundred Shuttles
  • 50 One Hundred Shuttles
  • 200 Fifty Shuttles
  • 400 Twenty Shuttles
  • 500 Ten Shuttles
  • 2,500 Anean Strike Fighters
  • 1,000 Anean Strike Bombers
  • 1 Annihilator IV
  • 5 Annihilator IIIs
  • 30 Annihilator IIs
  • 2 Salvation Class Hospital Ships
  • 50 Skirmisher IV ICBMs


High Command Officer Enlisted
Commandant Lt. Colonel Sergeant Major
General Major Sergeant
Lt. General Captain Corporal
Colonel Lieutenant Private


Legion I - Imperial Legion

Commander: Lieutenant General Masako Tijerina
Soldiers: 5,000

Roles: Diplomacy, Search and Destroy, Humanitarian Operations

Colors: Black and White

Legion II - Death's Legion

Commander: Lieutenant General Johnson Blackfur
Soldiers: 5,000

Roles: Search and Destroy

Colors: White, Grey, and Red

Legion III - Tnexuux Legion

Soldiers: 5,000

Roles: Search and Destroy

Colors: Black and Red

Legion IV - Orbital Legion

Soldiers: 5,000

Roles: Search and Destroy, Special Operations, Recon

Colors: Black, White, and Purple

Legion V - Patriarch's Legion

Commander: Grand Inquisitor Nicholas Delang
Soldiers: 5,000

Roles: Spreading the Faith, Purging Non-State Religions, Humanitarian Operations

Colors: White and Gold

Legion VI - Life Legion

Soldiers: 5,000

Roles: Humanitarian Operations, Combat Medic

Colors: White, Gold, Black

Legion VII - Sky Burner Legion

Soldiers: 5,000

Roles: Close Air Support, Medical Evacuation

Colors: Black and Green

Legion VIII - Hornet Legion

Commander: Lieutenant General Ahmad Lokhmator
Soldiers: 5,000

Roles: Artillery Support

Colors: Black and Yellow

Legion IX - Guard Legion

Soldiers: 5,000

Roles: Bodyguard

Colors: Red, White, Black, Blue

Legion X - Mounted Recon Legion

Commander: Lt. General Shachar Xaimoungkhoun
Soldiers: 5,000

Roles: Reconnaissance

Colors: Black, White, and Brown

Legion XI - Talon Raiders

Legion XII - Haromian Avengers

Legion XIII - Warhounds

Legion XIV - Spearhead

Legion XV - Rolling Thunder


  • The Imperial Castle
    • Headquarters
    • Home of Legion IX
    • Located on Earth
  • TEL Air Base
    • Home of Legion VII
    • Located on Earth
  • Basilica Fortress
    • Home of Legion V
    • Located on Earth
  • TEL Fortress Earth
    • Home of Legion III, IV, VIII, and X
    • Located on Earth
  • TEL Fortress Haroma
    • Secondary Headquarters
    • Home of Legion I
    • Located on Haroma III
  • TEL Training Base
    • Primary training facility
    • Located on Earth
  • Legion Base Aluez
    • Home of Legion II and VI
    • Located on Earth

Notable Former and Current Members

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