The First Federation War

"This was the war that shaped the modern Empire. Billions died, but if they never gave their lives in their long guerrilla war, would we be where we are today?"
- Former Emperor Welhan

"I was born into war, I lived war, I breathed war. The Federation attacked Haroma on my 18th birthday. What a day. First thing I did was sign up for the Army. Fifty some years later, here I am. I served my time and I am damn proud of it. We beat back the most powerful military in the galaxy at that time. Why not be proud of it?"
- First Fed. War Veteran, 2205 HY


The First Federation War was the first Anean war in space. At the time, the Empire controlled approximately 200 systems on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy. The Federation, on the other hand, controlled almost 70% of the galaxy. This Federation, however, was unlike the one fought in the Third Federation War. The First Fed. War was the Federation at the peak of their power and military intelligence.

The Beginning

The Initial Invasions

Invasion of Haroma III
Nation Commander Number of Soldiers Military Losses Civilian Losses
The Anean Empire Emperor Welhan ~8,000,000 ~7,990,540 ~1,400,000,000
The Galactic Fed. Marshal Soldavini ~3,400,000 ~450,000 0
Invasion of Azizos III
Nation Commander Number of Soldiers Military Losses Civilian Losses
The Anean Empire General Mestrat ~18,000,000 ~17,990,540 ~4,700,000,000
The Galactic Fed. Marshal Noegal ~23,400,000 ~2,450,000 0

The Invasion of Haroma began with a massive orbital bombardment. Centralia, Gerusa City, and Nordavic were flattened, but Gracaria was kept mostly intact. After approximately 40 minutes of bombardment, the ground forces moved onto the planet. They met little real resistance from any of the defenders.

Azizos was also just as simple as bombarding it and moving on.

The Invasions were the easiest battle of the war because they caught the entire Anean Army off guard.

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