The Galactic Syndicate

Basic Information

The Syndicate is a massive criminal organization that has large influence across the Empire and beyond. Being a group of different crime families united under a single boss (The Director), the Syndicate is, in itself, a nearly untouchable organization.

In the Anean Star Empire, the Syndicate operates with no restrictions under Emperor Xaimoungkhoun. This has led to allegations that the Emperor and several high level government members are being paid off by the Syndicate. The lack of restriction has had an unusual effect in Andromeda. Instead of increasing crime rates, the Syndicate has become a government over the rims of the Anean states in that they collect "taxes" and have their code as law.

The size of the Syndicate is unknown, but its estimated to have numbers in the millions.


While the history of the various crime families can vary and can be from just a few years to as long as centuries, the Syndicate has had a relatively short existence in comparison. It was formed in Earth year 2010 to unite the feuding families of the Anean Rim under one leader to provide a united resistance to Welhan (whom was deposed months later).


The organization of the Syndicate is modeled largely on the old American mafia on Earth and uses almost the same titles.

Major Families

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