The Great War Of Unitarian Aggression


The Great War came at the peak of tensions between the Anean-Immanence Alliance and Unity. While it was hoped that war would not come, Unity launched an attack on an Immanence planet, followed by the razing of the Anean homeworld and capital.

Opening Battles

Haroma III

Razing of Haroma III - Devastating Unitarian Victory
Nation Commander Number of Soldiers Military Losses Civilian Losses
The Anean Star Empire Warmaster Soldavini 45,000,000 ~40,000,000 ~25,000,000,000
Unity Unknown Unknown Total Loss 0

The Haroma System was believed to have been a secure system, safe from any attack. That illusion was shattered as a Unity fleet entered the system and, with no mercy, laid waste to Haroma III. The fighting destroyed the planet, wiping out entire cities, burning the forests and farms, and making Haroma next to uninhabitable without extensive terraforming and reconstruction. The only location on the surface that was spared from the fighting was the underground part of the city of Stovatia and Anean High Command. The attack wiped out much of Empress Rio's cabinet and killed the majority of the Senate and High Council.

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