The Haroma System

"Haroma… you know, despite me hating the corruption of the old empire, looking at the burning hull of what used to be the center of civilization still hurts. I might not have liked it, but it was still my home for the longest time. That's why I am so deadset on rebuilding it."
- Emperor Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun

Star Type: Binary
- Haroma A: Yellow, .8x the size of the Sun
- Haroma B: Blue, .2x the size of Haroma A
Number of Planets: 7
Controlled by: The Anean Star Empire

Classification: Fortress System

Population: ~42,400,000,000
Haroma II 3.8 billion
Haroma III: 24.3 billion (Homeworld of the Haromian species)
Haroma IV: 13.1 billion
Haroma V: 1.2 billion

Planet Information

The Haroma System, since the Anean Empire entered space, has been a vital system. It is the center of Anean military, governmental, and economic power.

Haroma III

Haroma III is the capital of the Empire and the most populous planet of the system.

Haroma IV

Haroma IV was the first planet to be colonized in the Haroma System. It was also the first planet which was terraformed to a level similar to that of Haroma. That is why the population is so high. It was also one of the few planets unaffected by the Great Galactic War.

System Defenses

The Haroma Defense Network

The HDN is the largest defensive system in the Andromeda Galaxy. It is made up of 1.5 billion heavy guns set equidistant from the star. It is, to some extent, like a Dyson Bubble. In an experiment, 5 of the guns (firing 2 rounds each) brought down an Annihilator Class Battleship with ease. This system, more or less, made the Haroma System next to invincible fortress.

In addition to the sheer firepower, there is a device (location unknown) in the system that stops ships a 50 miles from the guns of the HDN. Even in hyperspace, it will take the ship out. All ships, even ASF, have to transmit their codes to Haroma Station to be allowed through the network. At Haroma Station, ASF techs enter the ship codes into a galactic database. If it checks out, they are allowed through. If not, then they are either kept at the edge of the system while more checks are done (if it's a diplomat ship or trader) or destroyed (if it's a warship).

Haroma Station is the center of the HDN. From the top of the station, over 40,000 ASF officers work to monitor all people entering and leaving the system. To put it bluntly, it's like being an overglorified Air Traffic Controller. However, it's also one of the most important jobs in the Haroma Systems. Millions of ships enter and exit the system daily and you never know how many could have hostile intentions.

Famous People from Haroma

- Emperor Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan
- Luca Rio

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