The Immanence

"My god, we're surrounded by meat."
- Allison Cossillworthen the Chaste (Gomi Caucus)

"I am not wearing pants"
- Phillip

"The Immanence is like a special weird junk-filter for the rest of the universe. Things which we would find too disgusting or weird end up getting caught up there before it has a chance to seep through and offend the delicate sensibilities of organic life."
- Oscar Wilde on The Immanence

The Immanence is a multi-stellar nation consisting of several planets and star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy. It's most defining feature is that it's entire population consists of various species that have obtained a Hylopathic state of existence presumably due to technological singularity.
They do not have any holdings or colonies on Earth. (Despite a divergent subspecies of Malych who are present in Miokalia)

Population: Unknown.
Est. Tech Level: 23-25 (World-builders/post singularity)

Leadership entities are not entirely known.

Head of State: Unknown
Prime Minister: Unknown
Judicial Dictator: An apparent system referred to as "Da Roolz"
Furnisher of the Adhocracy: "Nathan Allen" (usually in a Coronan Malych drone - purported to have a "flames" color scheme)
Cat Cuddler: "Phillip" (Nachtan)
Rancher of the External Inquisition: "Mayor Pbblt" (Nachtan)
Beater of Stubborn Vending Machines: "Allison Cossillworthen the Chaste" (usually in a Gomi drone - apparently very ornately steampunk, often has one of those little victorian hand-fans)

Stellar Geography

Major Star Systems

  • Corona Beta
    • II
    • V
    • VII
      • Lunar Satellite B (L-sat-B)
  • Cerberos
    • Persephone
  • Gallego
    • II

Territorial Star Systems

  • Castor
  • Spondylus
  • Zwork
  • OHIO
  • Inverness
  • IOWA
  • Anastasia

Planetary Capitols:

Corona Beta:

  • Astroiyka, CB VII
  • Krarkira, L-Sat-B (CB VII's habitable ice moon)


  • (No capital. The entire dark side of the planet is infrastructure of some kind)


Major Municipalities

Interstellar Holdings (items not orbiting conventional stars)

  • V404-Cyg - a Q-star (colloquially known as a "grey hole" or "Supersymmetrical Q-ball")

V404-Cyg is believed to be used for some kind of industrial process and may have been the original home-system of the Nachtan.

  • Intermat Dreya Station - an interstellar object existing at a Lorentian point between Corona Beta and Cerberos.
  • Intermat Obscuron Station - an interstellar object existing at a Lorentian point between Cerberos and V404-Cyg
  • Intermat Antakitheria Station - an interstellar object existing at a Lorentian point between Corona Beta and Gallego
  • PSR B1257+12 - a neutron star system with 3 planets on which the Immanence is currently searching for intelligence.
  • IRAS 05437+2502 - a nebula containing a number of low-emission stars. There is some evidence of some kind of industrial process taking place here.



All citizens of the Immanence are essentially software-like "Operators" which are unbound from any specific body (hardware). Because of this: at the public level, the concept of "species" is more of an identity which an individual may choose at any given time. Externally, the "species" refers to the type of drone which the Operator happens to be using at the time.

Mechanism of hylopathy / computational matter

Operators usually also have a branching network of component "Silpoids", which are intelligent software components that are part of the same sentience as the main operator. Silpoids are the mechanism through which Operators control drones and their environment, in essence: they extend their silpoids into the environment's quantum-computational capacity and thus they are able to impose gnarl upon it's otherwise random probabilities and thus control it.


The entire Immanence uses the reproductive philosophy of the Malych, where fertility is "enabled" by adhoc-network agreement over the social subunit. This results in an extremely low birthrate where each offspring is the result of careful calculations made by the community autonomic systems. This is the type of reproduction which most resembles that of Organics, and it is known as "AND Plus Multi type".
This entire process is automatic and is not consciously influenced by the individuals of the community.
Because of the non-corporeality of the species, offspring do not have to be produced through physical interaction, but must be produced through data interaction. This results in some odd parent situations where sometimes offspring are the product of three or four parent entities.

Another form of reproduction which is actually peculiar to the species is "AND Minus type" reproduction. This involves two parent parties combining or fusing into a single entity. This type of reproductive activity actually reduces the population without reducing the quantity of it's data. This type of reproductive activity is fairly uncommon.

Terrestrial Malych reproduction is called "AND Plus Duplet type" because two parties engage in interaction that results in both individuals producing offspring.

Most organic reproduction is classified by the Immanence as "XOR plus Multiplet type" because it usually involves an interaction of two where a maximum of one of the two participants produces offspring
(from the perspective of genderless AI people, thus why the naming is kind of odd)


Corona Beta - Malych

Malych (of the CB VII variety) are hylopathic, AI-like entities (referred to as "Operators") that use mechanical animal drones. They are completely inorganic and emerged from zoological androids that were left on the planet when their creators destroyed themselves in a massive war.


Nachtan are energy organisms which are not entirely understood. It is known that they can absorb photon energy, perhaps through some kind of lomnino mechanism. They also operate "drones" and exist as AI-like, "operator" beings in much the same way as the Malych.


Gomi are semi-organic hylopathic organisms which emerged from refuse left on their planet, Gallego II. Their planet appears to have been a "landfill planet" at some point, and was entirely covered in garbage.
They bear many similarities to the Malych, however, many Gomi do not actually make use of conventional robotics as the Malych tend to.
Just like the others, Gomi individuals exist as AI-like "Operators" controlling "drones".
They are probably among the most shy of the three species, as they are also the most recent to join The Immanence.

Government and Leadership

Not much is known about the mechanism of government used by The Immanence. It appears to be very minimal, with it's primary concern being securing resources and defense. Their economic system is completely unknown and unspecified.
Most experts believe that the "government" is actually more of a pseudo-biological construct rather than a bureaucracy. Entirely automated, minimalistic and virtually invisible. Some form of government does, however, seem to be visible in matters of interaction with other nations.
Upon asking, one of the Coronan Fleet singletons described it as an "Instinctual Adhocracy" and related it to the Taoist philosophy of "the most effective government is when people hardly know it exists".

The Immanence was established by the Immanent Eschaton Moratorium Pact which was established by the Nachtan and the Coronan Malych after the Nachtan ousted the pucoglobular entities from the Corona Beta System.


The Immanence uses Holostrand Space drive for their entire fleet.

Weapons and Weapons Policy

Neutron Torpedo

Quantum Gnarling

Weaponization of Quantum Gnarling techniques is closely monitored due to the severity of it's effects.
The "Da Roolz" system was inititally developed to keep citizens from using Quantum-Gnarling against eachother (as it could result in the extinction of the species). Replacing it with readily available weapons of a more conventional nature. Under the impression that it's better to shoot eachother's drones to smithereens than it is to violently and brutally erase one and other.
That being said, the leading cause of Actual Death in the Immanence is suicide by way of Quantum Gnarling.
This has been such an issue that great lengths have been taken to develop Silpoid modifications that detect and correct the psychological imbalances that drive some to de-program themselves into oblivion.
In military warfare, Quantum Gnarling is mostly used by ground forces to acquire, secure or neutralize materiel.
It is also supposedly used to gather intelligence. This works particularly well against cybernetic organisms because of the overtness of bitstates in silicon chips.
The Nachtan are believed to be able to use this against organic creatures, but they refuse to confirm or deny it.
The Immanence does not reveal a lot about how this is done, but non-combat, more mundane or benign applications of Quantum Gnarling are done on a fairly routine basis everyday.

Military Actions

The Defense of Earth during the Third ASE-Federation War

The Coronans deployed a fleet initially in defense of an intelligent, geographically-stationary superorganism in Aatuylva known as Aatumrrcho. Upon arrival, they allied with The Anean Star Empire against the (Andromeda) Galactic Federation invasion forces.
The Coronan fleet consisted of an unpublished number of Coronan "Operators" which are similar to AIs which may control several drones, or sometimes a single drone along with several other Operators.
The fleet also brought along about 204 Nachtan Drones, controlled by an unspecified number of Nachtan "Operators". The Nachtan Drones were involved in the re-taking of the New Gracaria Colony island ground operations as part of a joint Nachtan-Coronan Hybrid drone force known as "Special K" (for Special Kommand, probably).

Pudrian Contact at Persephone

The Coronan fleet encountered Pudrians near Persephone, who subsequently engaged them in what they believed to be some kind of "odd hylopathic war game". The Coronans believed that the Pudrians had engaged them for the purpose of mutual entertainment and engaged in a space battle with them for some time. However, eventually the Pudrians sent a landing-crew down to Persephone to "purify" the population. Without realizing that the planet was inhabited by intelligent energy-based organisms, the Pudrians began to assault the wildlife of the Habitable Strip, a menagerie carefully curated by the Nachtan during their solar migration pattern.
This upset the Nachtan, who informed the Coronans of these activities.
The Coronans demanded an explanation of what the Pudrians were trying to do, as this no longer seemed to be a "war game" and instead actually appeared to be an "act of vandalism".
The Coronans soon realized that the Pudrians were trying to invade them, and had no idea that they were not organic.
The fleet then began to take the Pudrian invaders seriously and managed to destroy 4 of their ships before the remainder retreated. Later on, the Coronans realized that the Pudrians were not actually a hylopathic singularity civilization, and were instead a Cybernetic Organic Collective which they decided to classify as "non sentient" due to their zombie-like devotion.

Interaction with other nations

Anean Star Empire

Interactions with the ASE have so far been entirely peaceful or cooperative. Although the Adhocracy has yet to come to a decision on wether or not to become official allies. The main reasons for declaring such an alliance are that they share some enemies (Galactic Federation and the Pudrians) and because forging such an alliance could create a civilized, de-facto procedure for determining if a planet is environmentally and politically suitable for ASE or Immanence colonization. Since the ASE and Immanence have different definitions for what is considered "habitable".

The Great Grand Royaldom of Willy Plat. (or Plaaties)

While technically an "enemy" of the Immanence, this other hylopathic civilization has never actually engaged in direct combat with the Immanence except through "games" and simulations, which they try to forcefully draw the Immanence into.
They are a personality cult, as evidenced by every single citizen of the nation having the same name "Willy Plat" and operating a drone in the likeness of a silly-looking lizard-dog thing.
Despite their constant bizarre threats, they do engage in some trade with the Immanence due to their being at a constant resource-deficit because of their super-extreme internal system of "Griefer Economics".
The Immanence does not believe the Plaaties pose a threat to the ASE. And will likely never come into conflict with the ASE if they are aware that the ASE ships are [i]not[/i] holograms in a simulation.

The ASE, however might pose a threat to the Plaaties because of differences in the way they conduct war.

The Pudrian Collective.

After their interaction at Persephone, and the acquisition of data regarding them from Earth, The Immanence concluded that the Pudrians are a cyber-organic epidemic, and not to be treated as a species itself.
A policy of non-communication has been established towards the Pudrians. All Immanence forces are to completely exterminate all Pudrians they come in contact with, with extreme prejudice.
Pudrian-infection of drones is to be dealt with by the use of Memetic Viruses.
The Immanence is not actively seeking-out Pudrians at this time, since they are primarily based in the Andromeda Galaxy.

There is speculation that the Immanence has encountered a Pudrian colony in the Milky Way, but the information on that under protective classification and no persons of the Immanence have said much about it.
The speculation being that a colony was found on a barely-habitable planet, near a main-sequence yellow star. And that upon assessment that the small planet was entirely Pudrian, Operators executed a quantum-gnarling operation called 12TDX-PEKKRUNE on the planet, and destroyed all organic life on the planet by massively destabilizing the atomic structure of the planet.
There has been no evidence revealed to support this, however.

Dramatis Personae

(Because I'm having a hard time keeping track of the characters of this)

  • Singleton Pratzam
  • Singleton Dackham
  • Singleton Arkam
  • Singleton Cheddar Jalapeno Flavor
  • Subcommandant Chad
  • Da Roolz (A massive software program that intervenes on some ethical issues, tends to be kinda slow though)
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