The Liberation War

"There are wars that make you and wars that break you. Wars that show the true colors of a person. Wars that bring out the best, and the worst, in people. The Liberation War was no exception. Heroes rose to fame, and fell in flames just as quickly. War crimes were rampant, but there were some soldiers genuinely helping the occupied populace. In my case, it showed that I cannot continue to live on the battlefield. I fought this war all the way to the end, but never again will I raise a rifle except in self defense. From then on, I will fight no more."
- Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun

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The Liberation War, officially started the day of IX's coronation, was the Empire's fight to reclaim their galaxy. Starting with the rogue ADNI and Anean Socialist State, the Anean Armed Forces slowly reclaimed Anean space spreading outward from Haroma. After taking them, IX declared war on the Federation and, for the second time in less than a century, defeated them after a long drawn out fight.

The Beginning

Battle of Haroma III - Anean Victory
Nation Commander Number of Soldiers Military Losses Civilian Losses
The Anean Star Empire General Mestrat 750,000 150,000 Unknown
ADNI The Director 450,000 450,000 Unknown
Anean Socialist State Unknown 3,000,000 2,900,000 Unknown
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