The Commonwealth of New Gracaria

"The Citadel is a piece of masterful engineering. It's built to withstand a nuclear war, and just about everything else, and remain completely self contained for centuries afterward. At least I know that this structure will become a last refuge for anyone in the event that something does happen that threatens this planet."
- Nakhi Welhan

The Commonwealth of New Gracaria
Motto: "Bringing Order by Forcing the Anean Way"
Region Northeast
Capitol New Gracaria
Largest City The Citadel
Official Language(s) New Haromian, Talonian
Religion The Anean Pantheon
Demonym New Gracarian, Anean
Government Dictatorship
Chancellor Vincenzo Soldavini
Vice Chancellor {$leader2}
President of the Senate {$leader3}
{$title4} {$leader4}
Commander of the NGDF Omer Arris
Nation Type
Sovereignty Type Semi-Autonomous State
Previous Sovereignty Type Colony
Current Constitution Declaration of Autocratic Rule, 2011
~120 Million
The Anean Dollar (ASE$)
Time Zone
Haroma Standard Time

Colony Timeline

Diplomatic Relations


- Confederacy of Aatuylva
- Colony of Aluez
- Principality of Holmbergsvania


- Union of Tinis
- Federal Republic of Miokalia


- Everyone Else


- United States of America
- Killer Zoids
- Commonwealth of Kcal


Political Leadership


Much of what the colony exports isn't native to Earth. For example, Remnoran Chocolate comes from a planet native to Remnora. IX had several of the plant brought in to grow in farms far from the Wasteland. Along with the chocolate plant, there is a small Reshan and Welhan Eagle population.


  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Haromian Cigars
  • Reshans
  • Welhan Eagles
  • Remnoran Chocolate
  • Consumer Appliances
  • Alcohol
  • Electronics (mostly computers)


  • Possibly grains and other food products in the event of a shortage


  • New Gracaria Worldport
  • New Astrapolis Seaport


The Citadel

New Gracaria

New Astrapolis

New Nordavic


On the west side of the island, south of the Worldport, is a massive factory. While its designed for military use (capable of building several thousand of any military vehicles a month), it can be used to produce everyday products, though at a much slower pace.

It's projected that this factory will produce the weapons, ships, and vehicles needed to defend the colony against air, land, space, and sea attacks.

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