The Remnora System

"I miss the old Remnora. Now it's just a planet of environment loving anthros. Back in my time, it was no better than Earth or Haroma. I can't even find a good steak there nowadays. It's all 'enviromentally friendly'. I think they need to get with the times."
- Governor Tamarynn Rio

"It's my homeworld and I don't intend to speak bad about it. But in the last 800 years it has gone from some of the most feared fighters in the galaxy to some of the most feared vegans in the galaxy. Even I hate them."
- Empress K'an Welhan

Star Type: White Giant
Number of Planets: 13
Controlled by: The Anean Star Empire

Population: ~1,600,004,000
Remnora I-V: Uninhabited
Remnora VI: ~4,000
Remnora VII-IX: Uninhabited
Remnora X: ~1.6 billion (homeworld of the Remnoran species)
Remnora XI-XIII: Uninhabited

Planet Information

Remnora VI

Barely habitable, Remnora VI only has a medium sized research station above it.

Remnora X

Remnora X is the main planet of the system and one of the most important in the Empire. Originally, it was the center of Remnoran production and their military. After the assimilation into the ASE though, its importance waned. Today, the planet is all but forgotten.

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