The Vervortian Stratocracy
The Vervortian Stratocracy
Motto: {$motto}
Region The Andromeda Galaxy
Capitol Vervor IV
Largest City {$largest_city}
Official Language(s) New Haromian, Vervortian
Religion The Anean Pantheon, Vervortian Pantheon
Demonym Vervortian, Imperial
Government Stratocracy
Empress Luca Rio
Lord Marshal Vladimír Radovan Zupan
Governor-Militant {$leader3}
Lord General {$leader4}
{$title5} {$leader5}
Nation Type
Sovereignty Type Protectorate
Previous Sovereignty Type Independent Nation
Current Constitution {$constitutions_and_date}
855 Billion
The Anean Dollar (ASE$)
Time Zone
Haroma Standard Time

Basic Information

Estimated Tech Level: 15-16
Capital: Vervor IV

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