Time Line Of Events

This page will serve as the official cannon time line of events for the entire universe of the Furry Federation. Please follow the format of the content already provided. The calendar is given in CE (AD), but change of dating could be done if users so wish. Alternatively one could have the CE date and the date for your nation.

Recorded History

Pre-Federation Period

Before Current Era (BCE):

Current Era (CE):

Furry Federation Period

OOC Note: Please note that since we have specific date information for the start of major threads it is possible to use the year and date of an event. However, as its very rare for a thread to be complete in a day, it might be wise to place the date at an appropriate point in time. Just make sure the chronological order makes sense as far as cause and effect with respect to other threads. But in the end, please make sure to follow the format: Year - Date - Event

Space Age

  • 2090 - The Anean Star Empire, after decades of avoiding extensive operations in the Milky Way, begins to spread out as Andromeda is no longer enough.
  • 2098 - Unitarian invasion of New Harris takes place with Anean support, events result in Aneans and Immanence driving Unity from the system to prevent a genocide and the Empire working out reparations with Harrisian government. Unity-ASE tensions on the rise threatening the alliance.
  • 2110 - Emperor Xaimoungkhoun I dies at age 233, Luca Rio takes over as Empress following succession crisis. Unity-ASE alliance dissolved, Empress Rio pledges to prevent Unitarian expansion and aggression.

Non-Recorded History


Estimated dates for events that have no first person accounts.

Conjectured History

Here are events that are placed in the time line but don't necessarily represent events that actually occurred. Such events are events that come from such things as creation myths, unreliable records, and misrepresented history.

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