Tu 144 Mz

The Tu-144-MZ is a highly modified version of the Russian/Soviet Tupolev TU-144 supersonic transport.
It is comparable to the Concorde in many aspects.

Acquisition from the Soviet Union

In the early 80's, Tupolev was still manufacturing TU-144's despite the national airline of the Soviet Union, Aeroflot, having phased the aircraft out due to it's impracticality at the time. Miokalia, offered to purchase several of these extra units, but insisted upon a reduced price due to odd tensions with Soviet Premier Brezhnev at the time.


The Eisen Design Bureau was contracted to make modifications to the TU-144s to address issues that Tupolev had abandoned due to the phasing-out of the project.


Two additional beams were added to the airframe to improve stabilization at lower speeds. The TU-144 was known to have stability issues at lower speeds, which led to the implementation of the Canards (tiny wings near the front) while being manufactured by Tupolev.
The additional beams had to be accomodated on the flight-deck, causing EDB to have to create a new layout for the interior.


Computerized instrumentation was upgraded substantially.

Landing Gear

The landing gear was completely redesigned by EDB due to issues with the original landing gear having several "cut corners". The new EDB landing gear was based off of CTE 1010 landing gear, and is thus rated for a plane which is substantially heavier than the TU-144.


Engines were modified to use Ammonia dry fuel, which is more commonplace in Miokalia than Kerosene.


The TU-144-MZ is mostly in government use. However, there are continued attempts by the Rodalaton EAC airline to bring it into commercial service.

Commercial/Civilian Service with Rodalaton EAC

In the late 80's, Rodalaton EAC attempted to use the TU-144-MZ for flights from Hokyldaryon's Qoo H. Bocuma International Airport to destinations in KZ. However, the TU-144-MZ proved too difficult to certify in KZ, partly due to it's new EDB engines running exclusively on Ammonia dry fuel, and issues with supersonic flight over residential areas.

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