The Union of Pluto and Charon


The Union of Pluto and Charon is a planetary union built on the edge of the star system from the remains of the former nation of Aluez. The nation is composed of two planets - Pluto and Charon - and three stations. The environment on the surface of the planet is hellishly frozen, and cold on the surface, but on the inside, the planet is a typical advanced paradise under the ice.

The cities and colony itself has indoor parks, artificial rivers, creeks, trees, and at times, wildlife if the parks that were saved from the disaster on Earth. Living conditions are about the same on Earth, and the internal colony temperature usually sits at a pleasant 68 degrees, compared to the surface temperature which varies anywhere between twenty-three degrees to as far down as a hundred below zero.

Contact, compared to it's former Gaia self, with the rest of Unity, and is in constant communications with it, and thus, making the planet extremely well defended for an isolated colony. A jumpgate leading to Unity is in orbit of Pluto, and was built to link Sirius to the system.


Capitol of The Union, and only habitable planet on the edge of the solar system. This planet was speed terraformed after the disaster with no chance of it even working. For three years, the planet suffered severe weather changes as it's atmosphere became thicker, and more livable. The planet finally evened out when the surface temperature showed a high temperature of 12 degrees below zero as the second phase, which was enacted after one year of the atmosphereic changes. Now the planet remains warm due to atmosphereic furnaces, which makes the planet livable, but only barely. Many underground complexes and cities are found across the planet, with very few surface complexes that allow docking for ships, telescopes, and other facilities that cannot be built underground only. Many parks and wildlife preserves exist underground, and are said to resemble the forests of New Gaia (Earth) with every walk of life they could grab in their old homeland.


The only planetary state that is in the Union, and a literal planetary dome complex, as the planet has not yet been established with an atmosphere. Many domes dot the surface and trace paths of glowing light all across the darkened surface of the moon. Many visitors of this planetoid have compared it to many famous cities from Gaia, and many casinos, hotels, and other forms of tourist attractions are present in the cities of Charon.

New Carden Station

The replacement station for the original Carden Station, which was destroyed in the Gaia disaster. Many of the survivors of the station attack have taken residence on the station. The station is located in orbit of Neptune.

Hopkinsville Outpost

An Interspace Commerce/Ageria Technologies base in orbit of Charon. This base is the main stopping point for stock traders, trade ships, and the control center for the Sirius gate.

Berlin Base

Headquarters for Unity Naval Forces present in the New Sol system. The station is home to thousands of people, though the exact number is classified to the outside world. The station sometimes builds ships, and serves as a repair station for damaged ships visiting their worlds.



-Archleader: Lafi du'Biske (Hybrid)
-Diplomat: Blair Blackfur (Boarder Collie)
-Military: Michael Hughes (Raven/Arctic Fox)
-Science: Alison Redwing (Cardinal)
-Racial Unity/Defense: Dustin Blacktail (Abh Fox)
-Judicial Head: Yaha Leyza (Arctic Wolf)
-Legislative Head: Jillian Aqualight (Dragon/Fox/Tiger)
-Economics Head: Angel Southerland (Human)

Military Leaders:
WOC: Kali Humai (Foxyneko)
EG: Tod Vlodovic (Fennec Fox/Cross Fox)
S.A.D.A.R.: Jeremy Ou (Weasel/Cross Fox)
TC: Angel Humai (Foxyneko)
AB: Lucifer (Demon/Dragon)
AC: Wishwing (German Shepherd/Dragon)
SF: Lady Sosec (Abh)
IB: Chelsey Suko (Siamese Cat)
CPASB: Aronn Lasieth (Abh)

The Government of Aluez would be described as simply as this: A mixture of Democracy, Communism, Socialism, and Military Authoritarianism.

One would notice that with civil rights, it appears to be a democracy, same with political rights. But upon closer inspection, one would notice the similarities between different government types in one body. The people are united under one banner, and help one-another in a Community body, equal rights to every person. A socialist feel with laws and ways things are done, as well as a democratic feel, and the laws of the land being enforced by the military police and government forces,

People still live free, and still have the right to have personal property, however, if a citizen within a personal community is suffering a bit with bills, or is having a hard time, the community will step in and offer a helping hand to the person… however, this is not the case if the person is antisocial, unworking, lazy, etc. Cases of Fraud/People taking advantage of the system are easily detected by the Military Police Information Bureau.


Numbers: 1.2 billion
Mammalia (Bipedal/Taur): 25 percent
Reptilia (Biped/taur): 24 percent
Aviani (Biped): 24 percent
Ferian: 25 percent
Hybrid: 2 percent


The Military is divided up into NINE sectors. Which follow as:

Warrant Officer corps - This division acts as a policing unit for the entire body of The Unity. Warrant officers are known to appear throughout The Unity in every shape, size, form, and division. They act as the watchdogs and guard dogs to the laws of The Unity, and keeps Internal Order in check. They report directly to The Party over sensitive manners.

The Corps - General foot soldiers of The Armed Forces. These are the backbone and most commonly seen soldier in TUS ranks. They are usually the wearers of the Black uniforms/gears and vary in jobs from as simple as Infantryman/woman, to as high up as Demolitions Expert or Saboteur.

S.A.D.A.R. - Marine Corps. No other information is known other than the presence of White(or grey) uniforms/gears.

Air Brigade - Airforce and Navy of The Unity, they are the ones that control anything from the fast landing craft that drops soldiers into combat, to as large as the gigantic, near 1000 meter long Dreadnoughts that are seen floating in the skies above the occupied cities.

Armor Division - If it's a tank, or any other ground vehicle, it is probably owned by this Division. They are responsible for - as their name suggests - all armor support for other forces on the ground.

Star Forces - Off world and orbital defense forces. And first line of defense for The Union

Elite Guard - Handpicked by The Party members, and the most deadly soldiers in the world. No one has ever encountered these soldiers in combat and lived to tell the tale. Their nickname is The Crusaders. It is rumored they have the ability to create pockets of psuedo-reality in order to gain a highly unfair advantage in combat over the enemy.

Information Bureau - Intelligence Division, which handles all interrogations of enemy agents, anti-terrorism activities within the boarders of The Unity, and Anti-Espionage tactics to keep FOREIGN powers from spying upon operations within their national boundaries. Historical records have shown that they have acted ruthlessly and effectively at their job, going as far as killing an entire clan of Wolves to keep the most guarded secrets from escaping to the world.

Citizen Preservation and Support Bureau (CPASB) - Not an ARMED sector of The Unity, even though some members do carry PDW's and Pistols for their own defense on the job. These people are Teachers, Political Engineers, Social workers, Scientists and so on and so forth. These people are also responsible for supporting events like the Olympics, and World Cup Soccer within the boarders of Unity.



Anglic - One of Unity's main languages, next to Germanic, Arabi, and Yamato. (Real world equivalent: English.)

Arabi - One of Unity's main languages, next to Germanic, Anglic, and Yamato. (Real world equivalent: Arabic.)

Avestan - An incredibly rare language spoken among small groups of highly religious purebreds. (Real world equivalent: Avestan is a language used purely for Zoroastrian scripture, but is otherwise a dead language.)

Baronh - Written Word in all of Unity, no matter the language.

Cree - A rare language spoken in Einheit. originating from native Nightlanders. Also called Cree-alsa. (Real world equivalent: Algonquin.)

Espano - A common language spoken in the Unity. (Real world equivalent: Spanish and Portuguese.)

Gaulic - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Also (rarely) called Fronsai. (Real world equivalent: French.)

Germanic - One of Unity's main languages, next to Anglic, Arabi and Yamato. (Real world equivalent: German.)

Hebraic - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Can be considered a dialect of Arabi in some circles. (Real world equivalent: Hebrew.)

Italo - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Spoken mainly by the Fede felines. (Real world equivalent: Italian.)

Norskr - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Also called Norski, Nordic, or Norsk. The language of the bear-colony of Korvulgr, as well as the cervine gang known as the Skullhammers. (Real world equivalent: A blend of Old Norse and Norwegian.)

Romi - A rare language spoken in the Unity. Also called Romani. The Rromo, a tiny nomadic group of many different species, are the only major speakers of Romi. (Real world equivalent: Romani.)

Sanskri - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Also called Hind. (Real world equivalent: A blend of Sanskrit, Hindi, and other Indian languages.)

Sinitic - A common language spoken in the Unity. (Real world equivalent: Chinese.)

Slavic - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Also called Russo. The Slavic dialect of the Kossacks is called Kossack. (Real world equivalent: a blend of the Slavic languages, including Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Czech.)

Suomi - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. (Real world equivalent: Finnish.)

Svenska - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. (Real world equivalent: Swedish.)

Tagal - A rare language spoken in the Unity. (Real world equivalent: Tagalog.)

Yamato - One of Unity's main languages, next to Germanic, Arabi, and Anglic. (Real world equivalent: Japanese.)

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