Unitarian Species

Unity is filled with all sorts of species and people throughout their territory, this is just a short list of who they are and where they came from.

The Abh

The Abh are a blue/green/white haired species that take on the form of elves and usually choose to live amongst the stars rather than on a planet. The Abh are a compassionate, yet pompus, and at times, arrogant people as they come from a massive empire that spans seven galaxies. The reason they joined Unity in this galaxy is because they simply did not want to be challenged by an equal in power when it came to war. Bringing their ship designs and technological might with them, they simply ushered in a new age of warfare for Unity with tactics, new ships, and weapons. They are not to be trifled with on an intelligence level, as they are one of the smartest species of Unity.


The Abh are a very unique species and are in no way considered human in any shape or form, they may look similar to humans, but they are far from it. They stand usually anywhere from 5'5" to 6'11" and have pointy ears, their eyes come in a various selection of colors, and glow bright blue when they are angry. The Abh have only one heart, and their blood, depending on if they are from the Empire or Unity, can be dark red(Empire), or silver(Unity).

When Abh have children, they must go through the genetic manipulation process to ensure 100% genetic purity. Usually the child is born from an artificial uterus but some Abh women prefer the natural method of reproduction. Most women do not carry the embryo of the unborn child, instead it is placed in a gestation machine until maturity, however there are rare exceptions. The Abh children are often referred to as "The Art of Genetic Manipulation". When the genes of the embryo are modified, they are rechecked many hundreds, or even thousands of times to ensure genetic purity. There are two primary reasons for this. The first reason, which is purely cultural, is that the Abh do not wish to be subject to evolution. The Abh wish to preserve their genetic makeup, unlike the human/anthro race, whose genetic makeup is constantly evolving over time. In this way the Abh have removed themselves from the evolutionary process. The second reason for this genetic tampering is a result of the first reason. Because the Abh all have nearly identical genetic makeup, their race has lost it's genetic diversity. Unlike the human/anthro gene pool, which is comprised of a wide variety of physical traits, the Abh have very little diversity, making healthy and natural reproduction nearly impossible. The odds of two Abh having a natural unmodified child that is healthy are about 1 in 10. The odds of a human/anthro and an Abh having a healthy child without genetic modification are 1 in 50, mainly because of the genetic differences between the two races. Thus Abh law requires a parent to have their child's genes checked and stabilized. It is not required by law to modify the child's genes to exhibit their family traits, however it is social taboo to bypass this step. Lamhirh is a rare exception, where the parent(s) of a child choose not to modify their child's genes. The Abh are master geneticists and have engineered their DNA to eliminate disease and greatly slow aging. They have also adapted their bodies for a life in space. They can survive in zero gravity, and withstand extreme acceleration, comparable to 50 Daimons (25 times greater than Earth's natural gravity). Even the most physically conditioned humans/anthros can only withstand about 20 Daimons (10 times greater than Earth's natural gravity). The most notable of their adaptations include their long lifespan, blue hair, and their extra sensory organ.

The Extra Sensory Organ

This is an organ comprised of over 100 million microscopic eyes. It is the shape of a diamond located in the top middle of the forehead and enables the Abh to "sense" everything going on around them. It is not the same as a fly's 360 degree vision. The vision is closer to radar than anything else. An Abh could know someone is behind them, but they would not know who it it was. An Abh can wear a special Tiara that interfaces with the extra sensory organ and connects to the ship's computer, allowing them to sense and feel everything the ship senses and feels. It is believed that landing a punch on top of the organ would kill most Abh by means of blunt trama, but so far this has not been proven to be fact, and just seems to piss them off more than kill them.

Kin of the Stars

The Abh refer to themselves as the "Kin of the Stars". The name suites them well, as they are the only space-faring race of people. All the other people in the universe live on planets and few travel into space, aside from Unity of course. While on the other hand, the vast majority of Abh are born in space and live their entire life space. Most Abh have never set foot on a planet. In addition to living long lives, Abh age like humans do until they are about 25. They refer to this stage of life as their "growth" period. After reaching 25 they no longer exhibit physical signs of aging ever again. This stage of life is referred to as "maturation".

The Cora

The Cora are a militaristic, elven-like species with Red/Black/Blonde/Brown hair, and are masters of melee and magic combat. The Cora were discovered on a now-unitarian world known as Schism when they were at war with two other species which are now extinct with the help of Unity. The Cora are like the Abh, compassionate, yet at the same time, pompus, and at times, arrogant. The Cora are not to be trifled with on an intelligence level, as they are one of the smartest species of Unity.


The Cora are a more violent kin to the Abh, while having differences to the Abh, such as being still part of the evolutionary chainmail that makes up the universe, they are not that far apart from the Abh genetically. They usually stand 4'11" to 6"11" and are renown for their magical abilities and use of melee combat over anything else. Their eyes come in a variety of colors ranging from normal greens, blues, browns, and so on, to as off the wall as red, yellow, black and white. The Cora have only one heart, and their blood is silver no matter where they are from.

When a Cora female decides to have a child, they go about it the old fashioned way, and the 'fun' way as they put it. Unlike the Abh they are proud of the differences their species holds, and don't filter out the faults unless there is something serious detected, such as mental retardation. Their carry time for children is 17 months. One of the most prominent features about the Cora is their extremely long lifespan, ability to use magic, and of course, in some rare cases, wings.

The Winged Ones

Like the Abh Extrasensory Organ, the rare and yet amazing thing about these wings is that, while serving as an amplifier for the Cora magics, allows them to sense enemies from miles around, it has been proven that a Cora High Priestess can sense enemies coming from up to a thousand miles away, making them almost impossible to surprise. The wings themselves are useless as flight instruments, but have been known to serve as the same way as the Abh Extrasensory Organ, allowing interface with ships, and allowing the wielder to sense everything the ship senses. The wings are insectoid in style, and are rainbow in color.

Kin of War

The Cora literally refer to themselves as the 'Kin of War'. Why? Because they are the only known species in the galaxy that literally THRIVES off of war. They are unmatched in power, and are often compared to the almighty Fae at times due to their cruel and crude tactics in hand to hand combat, and their magical abilities. The Party has mentioned many times that if Naria did not exist, the Cora and Unity would be deadlocked in a never-ending war, or at least until one exterminated the other.

The Sangheili

The Sangheili are a remnant of the old Covenant that sought to destroy Unity in the old, and early days of Unity. The Sangheili are a warrior race and are extremely intelligent in battle tactics, combat methods, and just overall intelligence. The Sangheili view other species as Inferior to their own in both intelligence and in combat, making them quite the formidable opponent to take on in any setting. They joined Unity only to prevent their own destruction, bringing brilliant generals, weapons such as the plasma sword to Unity, and the recently rediscovered slip-space drive.


Sangheili are very muscular and stand around 8'6 feet tall. Their jaws are quadruple-hinged, with an upper jaw and four mandible-like lips. With few exceptions, these mandibles are generally shown with six teeth each; many sources also depict an additional large fang on the tips of each mandible. Anywhere from eight to ten broader teeth have been observed mounted on the central jaw structure. Sangheili smell with the use of two nostrils, each a little in front and below the eye socket. Given their predatory nature, a Sangheili's sense of smell is likely very developed. Their hands are tetradactyl, having four digits; two middle fingers, and two opposing thumbs on the outside for grasping. Their legs are digitigrade, with short upper and lower legs, and elongated tarsals, using the distal and intermediate phalanges to support their weight when walking. This arrangement possibly allows them to run very quickly and jump large distances, compared to ordinary humans and other races. Their superior agility may also be attributed to their homeworld's higher gravity; the additional strength required to move normally in a high-gravity environment would likely cause them to be more powerful in lower gravity situations. They also appear to have a double set of pectoral muscles, which contribute to their incredible strength.

Sangheili have at least two hearts, which circulate indigo-colored blood through their veins; the coloration is most likely caused by bimetallic hemoglobin, possibly cobalt-iron, whereas the crimson-blooded Humans possess monometallic iron-based hemoglobin. Though there are many theories on the subject, the chemical formula of Sangheili hemoglobin is still unknown. It is assumed that they breathe oxygen, as they can breathe the same atmosphere as Humans/anthros without any trouble, and their homeworld has a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, similar to Earth's.

Male Sangheili have grayish-brown skin, and the majority of Sangheili have either dark blue, black, or brown eyes, although there are a few exceptions. It has been theorized that the reason Sangheili seem to have dark, blue eyes is because they wear eye coverings.

The Crossfox


The Hellhound


The Celestial Wolf


The Angels


The Demons


The Pokemon


The Datafennec


The Cyberghost




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