Venerable Prefectures

Venerable Prefectures was a nation in the region of 'Furry' on NationStates. It vanished around the time of the raider invasions. Before then it was the UN delegate of the region and thus the combination of all this lead to Prefectures playing an in character role in the founding of the federation and the history of Tinis.

In Character History

Prefectures was a small nation between Shimandu and Shikeishuu. Well known for its democratic socialist bent but otherwise strong economic footing, Prefectures was well regarded by its neighbors and was elected to be official representative of the continent to the United Nations.

In 2004, after most of the populace of Prefectures had elected to join the transient floating peoples of Neralli, the government collapsed and was shortly after that usurped by human invaders from beyond the continent. The humans claimed the mantel of the UN delegateship for a time before being forced out by military forces from the surrounding nations.

Shortly after that the lands of Prefectures were divided between Shimandu, Tinis and Shikeishuu.

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