Vincenzo Soldavini

"He was a hell of a commander. Made me fight for every inch of Talon. Good to know he's on our side now."
- Holy Emperor Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun

Basic Information

Title: Warmaster
Age: 135
Political Stance: Liberal
Birthdate: October 4, 7957 HY

Gender: Male
Height: 7'6"
Weight: 306 pounds
Species: Human - Talonian
Eye Color: Red

Nationality: Galactic Federation
Citizenship: The Anean Star Empire

Net Worth: Approximately $2,000,000 USD

Weapon of Choice: Class B Assault Rifle


Early Life

Soldavini was born into wealth. He was of the twelfth generation of the Soldavini family and, for that reason, he was destined to enter the military. From an early age he was trained to fight and shoot. He also learned the basic academics so that once leaving the military he'd be able to rival an Anean citizen.

Pre-War Military Service

Soldavini was, at age 16, able to take a position as a Marshal in the Federation Army. However, he turned it down and instead chose to work his way up from the bottom. He moved around the Federation constantly for the next 26 years. However, through those years, he eventually became a Colonel. He actually looked up to then General IX due to his military successes.

The Third Federation War

When the Third Federation War began, he was forced to become a Marshal and was made commander of Talon IV's forces. For almost three months he looked throughout the planet for places where he thought the Aneans would land when invading. During that time he watched the Aneans push the Federation farther and farther back.

Finally, just days before the Anean invasion, he found where they would probably land. He ordered his forces to dig in to repel Anean invaders. When the Aneans invaded, his forces killed over 12 million Aneans before being forced to retreat into the city of Tarco.

He made sure that every inch of the planet the Aneans took would cost them dearly. While he managed to stall the Aneans for over a month on Talon, they won in the end. He managed to escape from the planet, but was forced to retire from the army. That saved his life when the President of the Federation ordered the death of all Federation Generals and Marshals to make way for new and better commanders.

Soldavini went back to his house on Talon IV and was almost captured by Anean forces. IX, however, ordered the soldiers to leave him be. He lived the rest of the war in his house and watching the Anean occupation from the window of his house.



  • Shachar Xaimoungkhoun (Human - Terran)


  • None Known


  • None Known


  • Lawrence Soldavini
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