Weapons in Aluez

Throughout Aluez there are different kinds of weapons that many will come across, ranging from small handheld knives stolen from kitchens, to as advanced as the AbZero and Singularity bombs. The laws restrict the ownership of some weapons, due to their destructive potential and threat to the military, and simply put, that they aren't suppose to be in the hands of any citizen of Unity.


- Gemini Combat Knife
- Tesla Combat Knife
- Dragontooth Combat Knife

- Z1 Vibrosword
- CS1 Chainsword
- B9 Gunblade
- K1 Gravity Mace
- CD2 Electrogloves
- II3 Shock Knuckles

- F1 Incidary Grenade
- Mk II Hand Grenade
- Pulverizer Flashbang/Chaif grenade
- C1 Smoke Grenade
- KV1 Plasma Grenade
- AMB3 Riot Control Grenade

- Baretta 92
- Whalter P99
- Springfield XD
- HK Mark 23
- Glock 17 Ext/FA
- FN FnP-45
- QSZ-92
- FN Five-seveN
- Saito T6

- AK-74U
- Kriss Super V
- P90-S
- UMP .45
- MP7A1
- Delta 77 PDW

Assault rifles:
- HK-416
- QBZ-95
- K1A3 Warmonger
- AK-105
- G36C
- G303

Sniper Rifle:
- Type 223
- M40A3
- TRG-42 Sako
- M200 CheyTac
- RPA Rangemaster

Squad Support:
- M-260
- M-300

- AA-12
- MAG-12

Hunter Rifle:
- Type 235

- M2
- HK MG4

- H-1
- M60
- QJG-89

Grenade Launchers:
- M-203
- M-32

Rocket Propelled Grenades:
- RPG-7
- RPG-29
- RShG-2

- 9K115-2 Metis-M
- BiLL 2
- 9M133 Kornet
- FGM-148 Javelin
- M388 Damnation

Anti-Air Missile Launchers:
- Pulsar Stinger
- Skorpion Stinger


  • - AbZero weapons
  • - Singularity Bomb

- Francium Suitcase
- Nanite Rifle

  • = Difficult to create/Unavailable until far future.


- LG
- MG
- HG

Personal Sensors:
- Motion Detection Visor
- Night Vision Visor
- HUD Visor
- HEAT Detection Visor
- Radiation Detection Visor
- X-Ray Detection Visor

- Power Suppression Band
- Paralyzer Light
- Citizen Rehabilitation Collar

- Genetic Identification Device (GID)


- 2S19 Msta
- PLZ-45
- G6-52 Extended Range
- PhZ-2000

- BM-21 Grad
- BM-27 Uragan
- BM-30 Smerch
- TOS-1

- OTR-21 Tochka
- OTR-23 Oka

- Leopard 2
- Merkava mark IV
- Krakov Tiger-Spider
- Dasa-Kamov Raptor Mk1

- Type 89
- M2 Bradley
- BMP-3
- Type 97
- Puma

Mobile Anti-Air:
- Tunguska M1
- Pantsir S1
- PZA Loara
- ZSU-57-2

Mobile Radar:
- Visa Mobile Radar
-AA3 MK7 Mobile Radar

Fast Attack Vehicle:
- Hornet Buggy
- Desert Iris
- Spider Light Strike

Transport Truck:
- MIMR 6x6/4x4
- Catapillar Transport System

- TPz 1 Fuchs
- M-577
- GTK Boxer
- Pandur II

- A-10 Tunderbolt II
- J-10
- F-16E
- MiG-35
- J-11B
- Su-30
- Su-35
- F-22R Velicoraptor
- MiG-100 Vixen

- B-2
- B-52
- Tu-2000

Attack Helicopters:
- Mi-24
- T-129
- Z-10
- Mi-28N
- Ka-50
- kA-52
- AG-60 Havoc

Transport Helicopters:
- Havoc 01
- CH-47 Chinook
- Ka-60 Kasadka
- UH-60 Blackhawk
- UH-72A Lakota

Transport Planes:
- An-225
- M-4 Bison
- C-5 Galaxy
- C-17A Globalmaster III
- C-130H Hercules

AWACS/Scout Planes:
- E-3
- SR-71B

Air Tanker/Refueling Planes:
- A330
- DC10
- Phoenix


- Super Hydra class Frigate (2nd fleet)
- Legendary class Frigate (1st fleet)
- Helka class Corvette (1st fleet)
- Samu class Corvette (2nd fleet)
- Senja class Corvette (3rd fleet)
- Mobius class Helicopter platform (2nd fleet)
- Leopard class Fast Attack Craft (all fleets)
- Holstein class Missile Platform (2nd and 3rd fleet)
- Firestorm class Minehunter (all fleets)
- Legion class Transport/Assault ship (3rd fleet)

Air Defense Platform:
- Titan class (TT-11)
- Ragnarok class (RT-9)

Armor Information

All armor is made of a reflexive balistic gel that can absorb 1200 lbs of pressure per square migrometer laying just below a semi permiable mailable plastic that acts not just as armor but as filter for water and air. 1.2 million micro motors that produce the exact same movements as the body, making it just like the skin you wear. Self cleaning, with built in motion detector, heat vision, electromanatomiter for finding eletromagnetic feilds, night vision, objective markings that can be set by home base via satilite or laser point. Not to mention a system of sensors that keep track of everything from body health to the weapons you can use, and tutorials on how to use them thanks to that satelite uplink.

Advantages: The armor makes the user more aware, like a second mind, and an extension of their own body. It makes them stronger, faster, more powerful with their abilities, and gives them the know how to survive in severe combat conditions ranging from underwater, deep space, volcanic, and AbZero.
Disadvantages: Long term use of this armor type tends to make the user feel weaker, detached, slower, and less aware of their surroundings when not wearing their armor.

Advantages: Classified
Disadvantages: Classified

Weapons Information


Melee weapons use five things in combination with one-another: Vibration Motors, Gravity Manipulation Drives, Elemental Power, Extremely Durable and Sharp material, and Nanites.

The Vibration Motors in Knives, swords, axes, pike blades, lance blades and so on make the blade shake at 1.2 million times a second, not enough to throw the user off, but enough to make it to where the blade is shaking so fast it is able to cut through Kevlar and most Power Armor with a single swing. A vibration motor in the pummel of this would be the cause of this effect. Running on a battery that can last up to a week of use. If one was to put the blade next to their ear when the motor was active, they would hear a sling 'ring' from it's vibrations

Advantage: Easy to cut through armor, and most materials with ease for combat and non-combat situations.
Disadvantage: Blade is dangerous in the hands of the unskilled. Needs recharge after a week of constant use.

Gravity Manipulation Motors. Using the same technology that the Skyships and Hoverdynes use has created a variety of very crude, very dangerous weapons. Varying from Grav-Maces, Grav-Hammers and Grav-Sledges, the list goes on. There has even been a rumor that some swords use this to give their thrusts an extra kick. The effect caused by this is generated from a small Gravity Manipulation Motor within the weapon, and when activated, it creates a downward force that is able to deliver up to 5000 pounds of downward force in one swing. This motor is powered also by a battery.

Advantage: EXTREME destructive power.
Disadvantage: Needs recharge after a week, EXTREMELY dangerous in untrained hands.

Elemental powers. For a magic and Supernatural reliant society, one has to expect weapons to have some sort of unique ability about them. This is where the Elemental powers come in. Elements are well… forces of nature, the common ones (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light, Dark), and then the Not So Common ones (Entropy, Aether, Fate, Life, Death, Electricity). These weapons act like a transmitter relay to focus the power of the person's natural abilities.

Advantage: More focused ability use
Disadvantage: None Known

The material all melee class weapons is made from is an extremely durable alloy, stronger than the armor Tanks use to protect themselves from shells. This material however, is classified, and is very expensive to produce. Blades made from this material never go dull no matter how much they are used.

Advantage: Durability and Reliability on sharpness

Nanites are a nifty and very nasty thing to add to any weapon, blades more importantly. The violent nature of some nanite-blades have made them near-illegal to even own, much less carry. These blades can poison, dismember, or even cause the victim to ultimately explode. The most common is treated with the same nanites as the owner, making them poisonous and making even the slightest of cuts ultimately lethal to the victim if they are outside of Unity.

Advantage: Lethality guaranteed
Disadvantage: Can be just as lethal to the owner if misused/turned against


All weapons are modified with two things: Crystalline weights, and Nanites.

The nanites are for range, speed and accuracy. The tiny robots honeing the barrel so the bullet gets the maximum distance, spin, and accuracy from that individual gun. But the limitations stop shortly after honing the gun, and elemenating cleaning and such. Specialty guns, made for specific people are a tad harder. The metal casing only a milimeter thick all about the gun. But made of titanium that has been treated and its atomic structure changed so that it will keep a ridgid shape lest hit with massive pressure, like another bullet. To which it will collapse, and readjust the force and heat of the object right back from where it came from within a tenth of a second. You can literally flaten the gun and it will retain its shape when the pressure is released. But the best part of these guns is that they can be ballanced internally, all the way from the handle, to the sight.

The Crystaline weights within the gun are attuned to the body's natrual electrcal feild, ignoring others. Picking up all the way from the brain. And adjusted to move so that when someone looks left, there arm moves to the target. Lining them up so there isn't a wayward barrel when the trigger is pulled. With the worst of shots, they go from shooting the side of a barn to professional pistol. And those with experience, go from putting it under a quarter, to putting it under the shellcasing that the bullet is shot from.

Advantages: Weapons range is from Double to Octuplet their original range. Maintenance is eliminated from the equation altogether. Overheat is near null with weapons. Weapons can be repaired if damaged due to the Nanites.
Disadvantages: None known

Propellant for bullets is a Gel like substance twice as explosive as gunpowder. This substance is created from highly explosive chemicals that are to remain classified. Bullets that use this propellant are known to be ejected from their chamber twice as fast than a gunpowder bullet. To create this gel is actually cheaper to do than to mine the materials for gunpowder.

Advantage: Cheap alternative to Gunpowder, Faster bullet ejection
Disadvantage: Explosive

Vehicle Information

Vehicle propulsion is fueled by Heavy Water, or Deuterium. Using a process similar to cold fusion, the crystal Psionic Fusion crystal energizes the water, which thus, produces combustion for the engine. The combustion for the water breaks down slowly over time, which the water is converted into oxygen, and thus, filtered out into the atmosphere. Refueling for this method of fueling is usually every 6-8 months. The processing crystal needs to be replaced every 10 years or so, depending on the nature and use of the vehicle.

Advantage: Long fuel life, good for the environment
Disadvantage: Hard to find Heavy Water suppliers

Armor for the vehicles is the Alloy 360, a combination of beryllium and nickel, with a touch of titanium. This armor has proven to be extremely resistant to high pressures, and cannot be penetrated due to it's high pressure resistance (290,000 PSI at yield strength). On the inside of the armor is a secondary plate of Tungsten to defend the vehicle in the event of the armor is damaged.

All vehicles are coated with a specialized nanite coating which acts as an immune system and filter system for air. These nanites also help with repairs. In the event a vehicle is damaged, it can be hauled back to base, and placed near material of the same type, and thus, repaired within a certain time period by the nanites. Example: A tank has it's right side blown clean off in combat. After the battle, the tank is dragged back and placed near replacement parts. Within 6 hours, the tank is repaired and ready for use again as if the damage never happened.

Advantage: Great defenses against attack. Vehicle near immortality with Nanites
Disadvantage: The more extravagant the damage, the longer the repair takes!

Aircraft built by the Aluezi are almost always VTOL versions of their parent designs, as well as capable of near high-hypersonic pursuit speeds of enemy aircraft when in the need to chase down foes, or to escape in a hurry. Reason behind the VTOL capabilities is because it makes it easier to launch multiple aircraft without crowding up a runway. The reason behind the extreme speeds is that all craft are fitted with what the military calls 'GTFO' jets. The design is similar - if not dead alike - to Scramjets, but consumes less fuel in it's use.

The 'GTFO' jets are capable of producing immense power when active, causing the craft when in atmosphere to reach speeds near Mach 10 or higher. Low Orbit tests of this jet have reached speeds of anywhere from 12 to 24 Mach. It is suspected High Orbit speeds could very well reach up to Mach 100 as there would be zero resistance to endanger the craft or the person inside.

Advantage: Able to chase down enemy craft, or outrun them.
Disadvantage: Extremely expensive, Extremely dangerous to use at full power

Defense technology

Passive-Reflective Camouflage

Active Adaptation Camouflage

Heat Shielding

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