Zagckza Treaty

The Zagckza Treaty is a body of documents which function as permanent amendments to the Constitution of Miokalia.
They contain the Articles of the Protectorate, an agreement between Dopblaron and Hokyldaryon and the Talarine and one of the most comprehensive Bill of Rights Extensions known to exist.

Zagckza II (Document II)

Basic Definition of "Person"

"Person is defined as anything capable of asking to be a person or otherwise obviously is such."
"If not obvious: is as such as defined by the Hylomorphic Recognition Gamut"

Definition of a Person-like non-Person.

"Such a declaration can only be established by the Apparateur and cannot be overturned by any process.

Entities listed as such include:
- Pudrians (due to failure to request recogition in an intelligent way, due to failure to demonstrate ability or desire to communicate)
- Roombas (due to failure to request recognition on their own accord)

Auxillary Treaties

Continuation of the Kolvanhage Doctrine of 1820

"Under no circumstances will a militarization of the south pole be tolerated except by an allied force with the permission of the Secretary Tajir or the Apparateur."

The Kolvanhage Doctrine states that the south pole is the soverign territory of the southern hemisphere and is not to be militarized.

Pynchon Doctrine of 1952

"Preference in international matters will always be given to the countries to which the strangest of our own inhabitants are least threatened while being in."

Qrtinko Doctrine of 1930

"Jurisdiction and property are 2 dimensional. Thus a jurisdiction extends ever smaller, towards the center of the planet, and ever greater into the space above the ground. Except where otherwise noted"

There are literally hundreds of thousands of noted exceptions to this rule.

"Voltaire's Briskett" Diktat of 1940

"If on the second thursday of January, if you consume 5 pounds of edible material within 23 hours, you must partake in a Warrior's Feats of Feast in the next 4 weeks at some point. During which you must prepare yourself through the use of mild dissociative psychotropics and then proceed to devour no fewer than 8 animals."

This is widely regarded to be a joke or part of some kind of distraction from conspiracy cover-up.

Slothrop's Diktat (1960)

"Continuity of existence supercedes the mode of existence."

Tynanyiu's Tantrum (1920)

"Cheese is never to be included in the default configurations of any foodstuff sold commercially. It is required to be optional. No exceptions."

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